Collagen Type V


Collagen Type V, alpha1 Chain

Collagen Type V, alpha1 Subunit

Collagen Type V, alpha2 Chain

Collagen Type V, alpha2 Subunit

Collagen Type V, alpha3 Chain

Collagen Type V, alpha3 Subunit

Collagen alpha1(V)

Collagen alpha2(V)

Collagen alpha3(V)

Collagen, Type V

Procollagen Type V

Procollagen, Type V

Type V Collagen

Type V Procollagen

V Procollagen, Type

A fibrillar collagen found widely distributed as a minor component in tissues that contain COLLAGEN TYPE I and COLLAGEN TYPE III. It is a heterotrimeric molecule composed of alpha1(V), alpha2(V) and alpha3(V) subunits. Several forms of collagen type V exist depending upon the composition of the subunits that form the trimer.