Coma, Post-Head Injury


Coma, Post Concussive

Coma, Post Head Injury

Coma, Post Trauma

Coma, Post Traumatic

Coma, Post-Concussive

Coma, Post-Trauma

Coma, Post-Traumatic

Coma, Post-Traumatic, Prolonged

Coma, Traumatic

Comas, Post-Concussive

Comas, Post-Head Injury

Comas, Post-Trauma

Post Head Injury Coma

Post-Concussive Coma

Post-Concussive Comas

Post-Head Injury Coma

Post-Head Injury Comas

Post-Trauma Coma

Post-Trauma Comas

Post-Traumatic Coma

Traumatic Coma

Prolonged unconsciousness from which the individual cannot be aroused, associated with traumatic injuries to the BRAIN. This may be defined as unconsciousness persisting for 6 hours or longer. Coma results from injury to both cerebral hemispheres or the RETICULAR FORMATION of the BRAIN STEM. Contributing mechanisms include DIFFUSE AXONAL INJURY and BRAIN EDEMA. (From J Neurotrauma 1997 Oct;14(10):699-713)