Complement C4b-Binding Protein


C4b Binding Protein

C4b C3b Inactivator Cofactor

C4b-Binding Protein

C4b-Binding Protein, Complement

C4b-C3b Inactivator Cofactor

C4bC3bINA Cofactor


Cofactor, C4b-C3b Inactivator

Complement 4b Binding Protein

Complement C3b C4b Inactivator Cofactor

Complement C3b-C4b Inactivator Cofactor

Complement C4b Binding Protein

Complement Component 4b Binding Protein

Complement Component 4b-Binding Protein

Protein, C4b-Binding

Protein, Complement C4b-Binding

A serum protein that regulates the CLASSICAL COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION PATHWAY. It binds as a cofactor to COMPLEMENT FACTOR I which then hydrolyzes the COMPLEMENT C4B in the CLASSICAL PATHWAY C3 CONVERTASE (C4bC2a).