Complement Factor D


28 kDa Protein, Adipocyte

Activator, C3 Convertase


C3 Convertase Activator

C3 Proactivator Convertase

C3PA Convertase


Complement D Component

Complement Protein D

Convertase Activator, C3

Convertase, C3 Proactivator

Convertase, C3PA

Convertase, Proactivator

D Component of Complement

Factor D

Factor D, Complement

Factor D, Properdin


Proactivator Convertase

Properdin Factor D

Protein D, Complement

A serum protein which is important in the ALTERNATIVE COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION PATHWAY. This enzyme cleaves the COMPLEMENT C3B-bound COMPLEMENT FACTOR B to form C3bBb which is ALTERNATIVE PATHWAY C3 CONVERTASE.