Complement Fixation Tests


Complement Absorption Test, Conglutinating

Complement Fixation Test

Conglutinating Complement Absorption Test

Conglutination Reaction

Conglutination Reactions

Fixation Test, Complement

Fixation Tests, Complement

Reaction, Conglutination

Reactions, Conglutination

Test, Complement Fixation

Tests, Complement Fixation

Serologic tests based on inactivation of complement by the antigen-antibody complex (stage 1). Binding of free complement can be visualized by addition of a second antigen-antibody system such as red cells and appropriate red cell antibody (hemolysin) requiring complement for its completion (stage 2). Failure of the red cells to lyse indicates that a specific antigen-antibody reaction has taken place in stage 1. If red cells lyse, free complement is present indicating no antigen-antibody reaction occurred in stage 1.