Cone Opsins


Blue Sensitive Cone Opsins

Blue-Sensitive Cone Opsins

Cone Opsin

Cone Opsins, Blue-Sensitive

Cone Opsins, Green-Sensitive

Cone Opsins, Long Wavelength Sensitive

Cone Opsins, Long Wavelength-Sensitive

Cone Opsins, Middle Wavelength Sensitive

Cone Opsins, Middle Wavelength-Sensitive

Cone Opsins, Red-Sensitive

Cone Opsins, Short Wavelength Sensitive

Cone Opsins, Short Wavelength-Sensitive

Green Sensitive Cone Opsins

Green-Sensitive Cone Opsins

Long Wavelength Sensitive Cone Opsins

Long Wavelength-Sensitive Cone Opsins

Middle Wavelength Sensitive Cone Opsins

Middle Wavelength-Sensitive Cone Opsins

Opsin, Cone

Opsins, Blue-Sensitive Cone

Opsins, Cone

Opsins, Green-Sensitive Cone

Opsins, Red-Sensitive Cone

Red Sensitive Cone Opsins

Red-Sensitive Cone Opsins

Short Wavelength Sensitive Cone Opsins

Short Wavelength-Sensitive Cone Opsins

Photosensitive proteins expressed in the CONE PHOTORECEPTOR CELLS. They are the protein components of cone photopigments. Cone opsins are classified by their peak absorption wavelengths.