Cyclic AMP-Dependent Protein Kinase RIIalpha Subunit


Cyclic AMP Dependent Protein Kinase RIIalpha Subunit

Cyclic-AMP-Dependent Protein Kinase RIIalpha Subunit

Protein Kinase A, RII alpha Subunit

RII alpha, cAMP Protein Kinase

RIIalpha, cAMP Protein Kinase

Regulatory Subunit RIIalpha, Cyclic AMP Dependent Protein Kinase

Regulatory Subunit RIIalpha, Cyclic-AMP-Dependent Protein Kinase

cAMP Dependent Protein Kinase type II alpha Regulatory Subunit

cAMP Dependent Protein Kinase, Type 2alpha Regulatory Subunit

cAMP Protein Kinase RIIalpha

cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase type II-alpha Regulatory Subunit

cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase, Type 2alpha-Regulatory Subunit

A type II cAMP-dependent protein kinase regulatory subunit that plays a role in confering CYCLIC AMP activation of protein kinase activity. It has a higher affinity for cAMP than that of the CYCLIC-AMP-DEPENDENT PROTEIN KINASE RIIBETA SUBUNIT. Binding of this subunit by A KINASE ANCHOR PROTEINS may play a role in the cellular localization of type II protein kinase A.