Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Cation Channels


CNG Channel (Rod)

Cation Channel, Cng

Cationic Channel Protein (Rod)

Channel, Cng Cation

Channel, Cyclic-Nucleotide Gated

Cng Cation Channel

Cyclic Nucleotide Gated Cation Channel

Cyclic Nucleotide Gated Cation Channels

Cyclic Nucleotide Gated Channel

Cyclic Nucleotide Gated Ion Channels

Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Cation Channel

Cyclic-Nucleotide Gated Channel

Cyclic-Nucleotide Gated Ion Channels

Gated Channel, Cyclic-Nucleotide

A subgroup of cyclic nucleotide-regulated ION CHANNELS within the superfamily of pore-loop cation channels. They are expressed in OLFACTORY NERVE cilia and in PHOTORECEPTOR CELLS and some PLANTS.