Cytochrome P-450 CYP4A


Acid Hydroxylase, Lauric

Acid Omega-Hydroxylase, Fatty

Acid Omega-hydroxylase, Lauric

Alkane 1 Hydroxylase

Alkane 1 Monooxygenase

Alkane 1-Hydroxylase

Alkane 1-Monooxygenase

Alkane Hydroxylase


CYP4A, Cytochrome P-450

Cytochrome P 450 4A

Cytochrome P 450 CYP4A

Cytochrome P 450 IVA

Cytochrome P-450 4A

Cytochrome P-450 IVA

Fatty Acid Omega Hydroxylase

Fatty Acid Omega-Hydroxylase

Hydroxylase, Alkane

Hydroxylase, Omega-1

Hydroxylase, Omega-Lauryl

Laurate Omega Hydroxylase

Laurate Omega-Hydroxylase

Lauric Acid (Omega-1)-Hydroxylase

Lauric Acid Hydroxylase

Lauric Acid Monooxygenase

Lauric Acid Omega hydroxylase

Lauric Acid Omega-hydroxylase

Omega 1 Hydroxylase

Omega Hydroxylase

Omega Lauryl Hydroxylase

Omega-1 Hydroxylase


Omega-Hydroxylase, Fatty Acid

Omega-Hydroxylase, Laurate

Omega-Lauryl Hydroxylase

Omega-hydroxylase, Lauric Acid

P-450 4A, Cytochrome

P-450 CYP4A, Cytochrome

A P450 oxidoreductase that catalyzes the hydroxylation of the terminal carbon of linear hydrocarbons such as OCTANES and FATTY ACIDS in the omega position. The enzyme may also play a role in the oxidation of a variety of structurally unrelated compounds such as XENOBIOTICS, and STEROIDS.