Diffusion Chambers, Culture


Cage, Tissue

Cages, Tissue

Chamber, Culture Diffusion

Chamber, Semi-Permeable

Chamber, Semipermeable

Chambers, Culture Diffusion

Chambers, Semi-Permeable

Chambers, Semipermeable

Culture Diffusion Chamber

Culture Diffusion Chambers

Diffusion Chamber, Culture

Semi Permeable Chambers

Semi-Permeable Chamber

Semi-Permeable Chambers

Semipermeable Chamber

Semipermeable Chambers

Tissue Cage

Tissue Cages

Devices used in a technique by which cells or tissues are grown in vitro or, by implantation, in vivo within chambers permeable to diffusion of solutes across the chamber walls. The chambers are used for studies of drug effects, osmotic responses, cytogenic and immunologic phenomena, metabolism, etc., and include tissue cages.