Cortical Diplopia

Cortical Diplopias

Diplopia, Cortical

Diplopia, Horizontal

Diplopia, Intermittent

Diplopia, Monocular

Diplopia, Refractive

Diplopia, Unilateral

Diplopia, Vertical


Diplopias, Cortical

Diplopias, Horizontal

Diplopias, Intermittent

Diplopias, Monocular

Diplopias, Refractive

Diplopias, Unilateral

Diplopias, Vertical

Double Vision

Horizontal Diplopia

Horizontal Diplopias

Intermittent Diplopia

Intermittent Diplopias

Monocular Diplopia

Monocular Diplopias



Refractive Diplopia

Refractive Diplopias

Unilateral Diplopia

Unilateral Diplopias

Vertical Diplopia

Vertical Diplopias

Vision, Double

A visual symptom in which a single object is perceived by the visual cortex as two objects rather than one. Disorders associated with this condition include REFRACTIVE ERRORS; STRABISMUS; OCULOMOTOR NERVE DISEASES; TROCHLEAR NERVE DISEASES; ABDUCENS NERVE DISEASES; and diseases of the BRAIN STEM and OCCIPITAL LOBE.