DNA, Kinetoplast


DNA Maxicircles, Kinetoplast

DNA Minicircles, Kinetoplast

Kinetoplast DNA

Kinetoplast DNA Maxicircles

Kinetoplast DNA Minicircles

Maxicircles, Kinetoplast DNA

Maxicircles, kDNA

Minicircles, Kinetoplast DNA

Minicircles, kDNA


kDNA Maxicircles

kDNA Minicircles

DNA of kinetoplasts which are specialized MITOCHONDRIA of trypanosomes and related parasitic protozoa within the order KINETOPLASTIDA. Kinetoplast DNA consists of a complex network of numerous catenated rings of two classes; the first being a large number of small DNA duplex rings, called minicircles, approximately 2000 base pairs in length, and the second being several dozen much larger rings, called maxicircles, approximately 37 kb in length.