Dodecenoyl-CoA Isomerase


3,2 trans Enoyl CoA Isomerase

3,2-trans-Enoyl-CoA Isomerase

Acetylene Allene Isomerase

Acetylene-Allene Isomerase

Dodecenoyl CoA Isomerase

Dodecenoyl CoA delta Isomerase

Dodecenoyl Coenzyme A delta Isomerase

Dodecenoyl-CoA delta-Isomerase

Dodecenoyl-Coenzyme A delta-Isomerase

Enoyl CoA Isomerase

Enoyl-CoA Isomerase

Isomerase, 3,2-trans-Enoyl-CoA

Isomerase, Acetylene-Allene

Isomerase, Dodecenoyl-CoA

Isomerase, Enoyl-CoA

delta(3), delta(2)-Enoyl-CoA Isomerase

delta-Isomerase, Dodecenoyl-CoA

delta-Isomerase, Dodecenoyl-Coenzyme A

A carbon-carbon double bond isomerase that catalyzes the movement double bond from C3 to C2 of an unsaturated acyl-CoA. The enzyme plays a key role in allowing acyl-CoA substrates to re-enter the beta-oxidation pathway.