Dorsal Raphe Nucleus


Dorsal Nucleus Of The Raphe

Dorsal Nucleus Raphe

Dorsal Raphe

Dorsal Raphes

Dorsali, Nucleus Raphe

Dorsali, Nucleus Raphes

Dorsalis, Nucleus Raphe

Dorsalis, Nucleus Raphes

Linear Nucleus

Linear Nucleus of the Raphe

Lineari, Nucleus

Linearis, Nucleus

Medial Raphe Nucleus

Nucleus Lineari

Nucleus Linearis

Nucleus Raphe Dorsali

Nucleus Raphe Dorsalis

Nucleus Raphe, Dorsal

Nucleus Raphes Dorsali

Nucleus Raphes Dorsalis

Nucleus, Dorsal Raphe

Nucleus, Linear

Nucleus, Medial Raphe

Raphe Dorsali, Nucleus

Raphe Dorsalis, Nucleus

Raphe Nucleus, Medial

Raphe, Dorsal

Raphe, Dorsal Nucleus

Raphes Dorsali, Nucleus

Raphes Dorsalis, Nucleus

The dorsal region of the raphe nucleus which is a source of the SEROTONERGIC NEURONS innervating the TELENCEPHALON; DIENCEPHALON; MESENCEPHALON; and RHOMBENCEPHALON.