Duane Retraction Syndrome


Acrorenoocular Syndrome

Acrorenoocular Syndromes

Anomalies, Isolated Duane

Anomaly, Duane

Anomaly, Isolated Duane

Co Contractive Retraction Syndrome

Co-Contractive Retraction Syndrome

Co-Contractive Retraction Syndromes

Duane Anomalies, Isolated

Duane Anomaly

Duane Anomaly with Radial Abnormalities and Deafness

Duane Anomaly with Radial Ray Abnormalities and Deafness

Duane Anomaly, Isolated

Duane Radial Ray Syndrome

Duane Retraction Syndrome 1

Duane Retraction Syndrome 2

Duane Retraction Syndrome, Type 1

Duane Retraction Syndrome, Type 2

Duane Retraction Syndrome, Type 3

Duane Syndrome

Duane's Syndrome

Duane-Radial Ray Syndrome

Duanes Syndrome

Isolated Duane Anomalies

Isolated Duane Anomaly

Isolated Duane Retraction Syndrome

Ocular Retraction Syndrome

Ocular Retraction Syndromes

Okihiro Syndrome

Retraction Syndrome

Retraction Syndrome, Co-Contractive

Retraction Syndrome, Duane

Retraction Syndrome, Ocular

Retraction Syndromes

Retraction Syndromes, Co-Contractive

Retraction Syndromes, Ocular

Stilling Turk Duane Syndrome

Stilling-Turk-Duane Syndrome

Stilling-Turk-Duane Syndromes

Syndrome, Acrorenoocular

Syndrome, Co-Contractive Retraction

Syndrome, Duane

Syndrome, Duane Retraction

Syndrome, Duane's

Syndrome, Duane-Radial Ray

Syndrome, Ocular Retraction

Syndrome, Okihiro

Syndrome, Retraction

Syndrome, Stilling-Turk-Duane

Syndromes, Acrorenoocular

Syndromes, Co-Contractive Retraction

Syndromes, Ocular Retraction

Syndromes, Retraction

Syndromes, Stilling-Turk-Duane

Type 1 Duane Retraction Syndrome

Type 2 Duane Retraction Syndrome

Type 3 Duane Retraction Syndrome

A syndrome characterized by marked limitation of abduction of the eye, variable limitation of adduction and retraction of the globe, and narrowing of the palpebral fissure on attempted adduction. The condition is caused by aberrant innervation of the lateral rectus by fibers of the OCULOMOTOR NERVE.