ELAV-Like Protein 2


2, ELAV-Like Protein

Antigen, HuB

ELAV (Embryonic Lethal, Abnormal Vision, Drosophila)-Like 2 (Hu Antigen B)

ELAV Like Protein 2

ELAVL2 protein

HuB Antigen

HuB Paraneoplastic Encephalomyelitis Antigen

HuB Protein

Protein 2, ELAV-Like

Protein, HuB

protein, ELAVL2

A neural-specific RRM protein that binds to several 3'UTRs, including its own as well as that of PROTO-ONCOGENE PROTEINS C-FOS and ID DNA BINDING PROTEIN INHIBITOR. It binds through the recognition of a GAAA motif in the RNAs.