Enzootic Bovine Leukosis


Bovine Leukemia

Bovine Leukemias

Bovine Leukoses

Bovine Leukoses, Enzootic

Bovine Leukosis

Bovine Leukosis, Enzootic

Bovine Lymphoma

Bovine Lymphomas

Bovine Lymphosarcoma

Bovine Lymphosarcomas

Enzootic Bovine Leukoses

Leukemia, Bovine

Leukemias, Bovine

Leukoses, Bovine

Leukoses, Enzootic Bovine

Leukosis, Bovine

Leukosis, Enzootic Bovine

Lymphoma, Bovine

Lymphomas, Bovine

Lymphosarcoma, Bovine

Lymphosarcomas, Bovine

A lymphoid neoplastic disease in cattle caused by the bovine leukemia virus. Enzootic bovine leukosis may take the form of lymphosarcoma, malignant lymphoma, or leukemia but the presence of malignant cells in the blood is not a consistent finding.