Epilepsy, Frontal Lobe


Anterior Fronto-Polar Epilepsies

Anterior Fronto-Polar Epilepsy

Benign Frontal Childhood Epilepsy

Childhood Benign Frontal Epilepsy

Cingulate Epilepsies

Cingulate Epilepsy

Epilepsies, Anterior Fronto-Polar

Epilepsies, Cingulate

Epilepsies, Orbito-Frontal

Epilepsies, Supplementary Motor

Epilepsy, Anterior Fronto Polar

Epilepsy, Anterior Fronto-Polar

Epilepsy, Benign Frontal, Childhood

Epilepsy, Cingulate

Epilepsy, Opercular

Epilepsy, Orbito Frontal

Epilepsy, Orbito-Frontal

Epilepsy, Supplementary Motor

Frontal Epilepsy, Benign, Childhood

Frontal Lobe Epilepsies

Frontal Lobe Epilepsy

Fronto-Polar Epilepsies, Anterior

Fronto-Polar Epilepsy, Anterior

Motor Epilepsies, Supplementary

Opercular Epilepsies

Opercular Epilepsy

Orbito-Frontal Epilepsies

Orbito-Frontal Epilepsy

Supplementary Motor Epilepsies

Supplementary Motor Epilepsy

A localization-related (focal) form of epilepsy characterized by seizures which arise in the FRONTAL LOBE. A variety of clinical syndromes exist depending on the exact location of the seizure focus. Frontal lobe seizures may be idiopathic (cryptogenic) or caused by an identifiable disease process such as traumatic injuries, neoplasms, or other macroscopic or microscopic lesions of the frontal lobes (symptomatic frontal lobe seizures). (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp318-9)