Eye Infections, Fungal


Eye Infection, Fungal

Fungal Eye Infection

Fungal Eye Infections

Fungal Ocular Infection

Fungal Ocular Infections

Infection, Fungal Eye

Infection, Fungal Ocular

Infection, Ocular Mycotic

Infections, Fungal Eye

Infections, Fungal Ocular

Infections, Ocular Mycotic

Mycoses, Ocular

Mycosis, Ocular

Mycotic Infection, Ocular

Mycotic Infections, Ocular

Ocular Infection, Fungal

Ocular Infections, Fungal

Ocular Mycoses

Ocular Mycosis

Ocular Mycotic Infection

Ocular Mycotic Infections



Infection by a variety of fungi, usually through four possible mechanisms: superficial infection producing conjunctivitis, keratitis, or lacrimal obstruction; extension of infection from neighboring structures - skin, paranasal sinuses, nasopharynx; direct introduction during surgery or accidental penetrating trauma; or via the blood or lymphatic routes in patients with underlying mycoses.