ADAM 1a Protein

ADAM 2 Protein

ADAM1 Protein

ADAM1a Protein

ADAM2 Protein


Fertilin Protein

Fertilin alpha

Fertilin beta

PH 30 Fusion Protein

PH 30 Protein

PH 30 alpha

PH 30 beta

PH-30 Fusion Protein

PH-30 Protein

PH-30 alpha

PH-30 beta

alpha, Fertilin

alpha, PH-30

beta, Fertilin

beta, PH-30

Sperm surface proteins involved in sperm-egg fusion. They consist of two subunits, fertilin alpha (ADAM1a) and beta (ADAM2), both of which belong to the metalloprotease-disintegrin protein family. The beta subunit does not have catalytic activity.