Fibrous Dysplasia, Polyostotic


Albright Syndrome

Albright's Disease

Albright's Disease of Bone

Albright's Syndrome

Albright's Syndrome with Precocious Puberty

Albright-Mccune-Sternberg Syndrome

Albright-Sternberg Syndrome

Dysplasia, Polyostotic Fibrous

Dysplasias, Polyostotic Fibrous

Fibrous Dysplasia with Pigmentary Skin Changes and Precocious Puberty

Fibrous Dysplasias, Polyostotic

McCune Albright Syndrome

McCune-Albright Syndrome

Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia

Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasias

Syndrome, Albright

Syndrome, Albright's

Syndrome, McCune-Albright

FIBROUS DYSPLASIA OF BONE affecting several bones. When melanotic pigmentation (CAFE-AU-LAIT SPOTS) and multiple endocrine hyperfunction are additionally associated it is referred to as Albright syndrome.