Fractures, Stress


Fatigue Fracture

Fatigue Fractures

Fracture, Fatigue

Fracture, Insufficiency

Fracture, March

Fracture, Micro

Fracture, Stress

Fractures, Fatigue

Fractures, Insufficiency

Fractures, March

Fractures, Micro

Insufficiency Fracture

Insufficiency Fractures

March Fracture

March Fractures

Micro Fracture

Micro Fractures



Stress Fracture

Stress Fractures

Fractures due to the strain caused by repetitive exercise. They are thought to arise from a combination of MUSCLE FATIGUE and bone failure, and occur in situations where BONE REMODELING predominates over repair. The most common sites of stress fractures are the METATARSUS; FIBULA; TIBIA; and FEMORAL NECK.