Disseminated Fusarioses

Disseminated Fusariosis


Fusarioses, Disseminated

Fusarioses, Invasive

Fusarioses, Invasive Pulmonary

Fusarioses, Pulmonary

Fusariosis, Disseminated

Fusariosis, Invasive

Fusariosis, Invasive Pulmonary

Fusariosis, Pulmonary

Fusarium Infection

Fusarium Infections

Infection, Fusarium

Infections, Fusarium

Invasive Fusarioses

Invasive Fusariosis

Invasive Pulmonary Fusarioses

Invasive Pulmonary Fusariosis

Pulmonary Fusarioses

Pulmonary Fusariosis

OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS with the soil fungus FUSARIUM. Typically the infection is limited to the nail plate (ONYCHOMYCOSIS). The infection can however become systemic especially in an IMMUNOCOMPROMISED HOST (e.g., NEUTROPENIA) and results in cutaneous and subcutaneous lesions, fever, KERATITIS, and pulmonary infections.