Benign Ganglioglioma

Benign Gangliogliomas

Ganglioglioma, Benign

Ganglioglioma, Intracranial

Ganglioglioma, Malignant


Gangliogliomas, Benign

Gangliogliomas, Intracranial

Gangliogliomas, Malignant

Intracranial Ganglioglioma

Intracranial Gangliogliomas

Malignant Ganglioglioma

Malignant Gangliogliomas

Rare indolent tumors comprised of neoplastic glial and neuronal cells which occur primarily in children and young adults. Benign lesions tend to be associated with long survival unless the tumor degenerates into a histologically malignant form. They tend to occur in the optic nerve and white matter of the brain and spinal cord.