GAP-43 Protein


B 50 Protein

B-50 Protein

GAP 43 Protein


GAP43 Protein

Growth Associated Protein 43

Growth-Associated Protein 43

Nerve Growth Cone Membrane Protein GAP 43

Nerve Growth Cone Membrane Protein GAP-43


Phosphoprotein B 50

Phosphoprotein B-50

Phosphoprotein F1

Phosphoprotein pp46

A nervous tissue specific protein which is highly expressed in NEURONS during development and NERVE REGENERATION. It has been implicated in neurite outgrowth, long-term potentiation, SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION, and NEUROTRANSMITTER release. (From Neurotoxicology 1994;15(1):41-7) It is also a substrate of PROTEIN KINASE C.