Gene Products, gag


Antigens, gag

Gene Product, gag

Polyprotein, gag

Polyproteins, gag

Protein, gag

Proteins, Viral gag

Proteins, gag Viral

Retroviral Antigen gag Protein

Viral Proteins, gag

Viral gag Proteins

gag Antigens

gag Gene Product

gag Gene Products

gag Gene Related Protein

gag Polyprotein

gag Polyproteins

gag Protein

gag Proteins, Viral

gag Viral Proteins

Proteins coded by the retroviral gag gene. The products are usually synthesized as protein precursors or POLYPROTEINS, which are then cleaved by viral proteases to yield the final products. Many of the final products are associated with the nucleoprotein core of the virion. gag is short for group-specific antigen.