Glioma, Subependymal


Adult Subependymal Astrocytoma

Adult Subependymal Astrocytomas

Astrocytoma, Adult Subependymal

Astrocytoma, Subependymal

Astrocytomas, Adult Subependymal

Astrocytomas, Subependymal

Gliomas, Subependymal

Glioses, Subependymal

Gliosis, Subependymal

Subependymal Astrocytoma

Subependymal Astrocytoma, Adult

Subependymal Astrocytomas

Subependymal Astrocytomas, Adult

Subependymal Glioma

Subependymal Gliomas

Subependymal Glioses

Subependymal Gliosis



Rare, slow-growing, benign intraventricular tumors, often asymptomatic and discovered incidentally. The tumors are classified histologically as ependymomas and demonstrate a proliferation of subependymal fibrillary astrocytes among the ependymal tumor cells. (From Clin Neurol Neurosurg 1997 Feb;99(1):17-22)