Glucose-1-Phosphate Adenylyltransferase


ADP Glucose Pyrophosphorylase

ADP Glucose Synthase

ADP Glucose Synthetase

ADP-Glucose Pyrophosphorylase

ADP-Glucose Synthase

ADP-Glucose Synthetase

ADPG Synthetase

ADPGlucose Pyrophosphorylase

Adenosine Diphosphate Glucose Pyrophosphorylase

Adenosine Diphosphoglucose Pyrophosphorylase

Adenylyltransferase, Glucose-1-Phosphate

Diphosphoglucose Pyrophosphorylase, Adenosine

Glucose 1 Phosphate Adenylyltransferase

Pyrophosphorylase, ADP-Glucose

Pyrophosphorylase, ADPGlucose

Pyrophosphorylase, Adenosine Diphosphoglucose

Synthase, ADP-Glucose

Synthetase, ADP-Glucose

Synthetase, ADPG

An ATP-dependent enzyme that catalyzes the addition of ADP to alpha-D-glucose 1-phosphate to form ADP-glucose and diphosphate. The reaction is the rate-limiting reaction in prokaryotic GLYCOGEN and plant STARCH biosynthesis.