Glutamate Plasma Membrane Transport Proteins


Cotransporter, Sodium-Glutamate

EAAT Proteins

Excitatory Amino Acid Transport Proteins

Excitatory Amino Acid Transporter Proteins

Glutamate Plasma Membrane Transporter Proteins

Glutamate-Specific Neurotransmitter Transporters

Neurotransmitter Transport Proteins, Glutamate Specific

Neurotransmitter Transport Proteins, Glutamate-Specific

Neurotransmitter Transporters, Glutamate Specific

Neurotransmitter Transporters, Glutamate-Specific

Sodium Glutamate Cotransporter

Sodium Glutamate Transporter

Sodium-Glutamate Cotransporter

Sodium-Glutamate Transporter

Transporters, Glutamate-Specific Neurotransmitter

A family of plasma membrane neurotransmitter transporter proteins that couple the uptake of GLUTAMATE with the import of SODIUM ions and PROTONS and the export of POTASSIUM ions. In the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM they regulate neurotransmission through synaptic reuptake of the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate. Outside the central nervous system they function as signal mediators and regulators of glutamate metabolism.