Graft Enhancement, Immunologic


Enhancement, Graft

Enhancement, Immunologic Graft

Enhancement, Immunological Graft

Enhancements, Graft

Enhancements, Immunologic Graft

Enhancements, Immunological Graft

Graft Enhancement

Graft Enhancement, Immunological

Graft Enhancements

Graft Enhancements, Immunologic

Graft Enhancements, Immunological

Immunologic Enhancement of Grafts

Immunologic Graft Enhancement

Immunologic Graft Enhancements

Immunological Graft Enhancement

Immunological Graft Enhancements

The induction of prolonged survival and growth of allografts of either tumors or normal tissues which would ordinarily be rejected. It may be induced passively by introducing graft-specific antibodies from previously immunized donors, which bind to the graft's surface antigens, masking them from recognition by T-cells; or actively by prior immunization of the recipient with graft antigens which evoke specific antibodies and form antigen-antibody complexes which bind to the antigen receptor sites of the T-cells and block their cytotoxic activity.