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Anti Shock Trousers

Anti-Shock Trousers

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Antishock Trousers, Military

Gravity Suit

Military Anti Shock Trousers

Military Anti-Shock Trousers

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Pneumatic Suits

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Pressure Suits

Suit, Antigravity

Suit, Gravity

Suit, Pneumatic

Suit, Pressure

Suits, Antigravity

Suits, Gravity

Suits, Pneumatic

Suits, Pressure

Trousers, Anti-Shock

Trousers, Antishock

Trousers, Military Anti-Shock

Trousers, Military Antishock

Double-layered inflatable suits which, when inflated, exert pressure on the lower part of the wearer's body. The suits are used to improve or stabilize the circulatory state, i.e., to prevent hypotension, control hemorrhage, and regulate blood pressure. The suits are also used by pilots under positive acceleration.