Crossed Hemiplegia

Crossed Hemiplegias

Flaccid Hemiplegia

Flaccid Hemiplegias

Hemiplegia, Crossed

Hemiplegia, Flaccid

Hemiplegia, Infantile

Hemiplegia, Post Ictal

Hemiplegia, Post-Ictal

Hemiplegia, Spastic

Hemiplegia, Transient


Hemiplegias, Crossed

Hemiplegias, Flaccid

Hemiplegias, Infantile

Hemiplegias, Post-Ictal

Hemiplegias, Spastic

Hemiplegias, Transient

Infantile Hemiplegia

Infantile Hemiplegias



Post-Ictal Hemiplegia

Post-Ictal Hemiplegias

Spastic Hemiplegia

Spastic Hemiplegias

Transient Hemiplegia

Transient Hemiplegias

Severe or complete loss of motor function on one side of the body. This condition is usually caused by BRAIN DISEASES that are localized to the cerebral hemisphere opposite to the side of weakness. Less frequently, BRAIN STEM lesions; cervical SPINAL CORD DISEASES; PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DISEASES; and other conditions may manifest as hemiplegia. The term hemiparesis (see PARESIS) refers to mild to moderate weakness involving one side of the body.