Bronze Diabetes

Bronzed Cirrhoses

Bronzed Cirrhosis

Cirrhoses, Bronzed

Cirrhoses, Pigmentary

Cirrhosis, Bronzed

Cirrhosis, Pigmentary

Diabetes, Bronze

Disease, Von Recklenhausen-Applebaum

Diseases, Von Recklenhausen-Applebaum

Disorder, Iron Storage

Disorders, Iron Storage

Familial Hemochromatoses

Familial Hemochromatosis

Genetic Hemochromatoses

Genetic Hemochromatosis





Hemochromatoses, Familial

Hemochromatoses, Genetic

Hemochromatosis, Familial

Hemochromatosis, Genetic

Iron Storage Disorder

Iron Storage Disorders

Pigmentary Cirrhoses

Pigmentary Cirrhosis

Primary Hemochromatosis

Recklenhausen-Applebaum Disease, Von

Recklenhausen-Applebaum Diseases, Von

Storage Disorder, Iron

Storage Disorders, Iron

Syndrome, Troisier-Hanot-Chauffard

Syndromes, Troisier-Hanot-Chauffard

Troisier Hanot Chauffard Syndrome

Troisier-Hanot-Chauffard Syndrome

Troisier-Hanot-Chauffard Syndromes

Von Recklenhausen Applebaum Disease

Von Recklenhausen-Applebaum Disease

Von Recklenhausen-Applebaum Diseases

A disorder of iron metabolism characterized by a triad of HEMOSIDEROSIS; LIVER CIRRHOSIS; and DIABETES MELLITUS. It is caused by massive iron deposits in parenchymal cells that may develop after a prolonged increase of iron absorption. (Jablonski's Dictionary of Syndromes & Eponymic Diseases, 2d ed)

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