Hemophilia A


As, Autosomal Hemophilia

Autosomal Hemophilia A

Autosomal Hemophilia As

Classic Hemophilia

Classic Hemophilias

Congenital Hemophilia A

Congenital Hemophilia As

Deficiency, Factor VIII

Factor 8 Deficiency, Congenital

Factor VIII Deficiency

Factor VIII Deficiency, Congenital



Hemophilia A, Autosomal

Hemophilia A, Congenital

Hemophilia As

Hemophilia As, Autosomal

Hemophilia As, Congenital

Hemophilia, Classic

Hemophilias, Classic

The classic hemophilia resulting from a deficiency of factor VIII. It is an inherited disorder of blood coagulation characterized by a permanent tendency to hemorrhage.