Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome


Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever

Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fevers


Hemorrhagic Fever, Epidemic

Hemorrhagic Fever, Korean

Hemorrhagic Fevers, Epidemic

Hemorrhagic Nephroso Nephritis

Hemorrhagic Nephroso-Nephritides

Hemorrhagic Nephroso-Nephritis

Korean Hemorrhagic Fever

Nephropathia Epidemica

Nephroso-Nephritides, Hemorrhagic

Nephroso-Nephritis, Hemorrhagic

An acute febrile disease occurring predominately in Asia. It is characterized by fever, prostration, vomiting, hemorrhagic phenonema, shock, and renal failure. It is caused by any one of several closely related species of the genus Hantavirus. The most severe form is caused by HANTAAN VIRUS whose natural host is the rodent Apodemus agrarius. Milder forms are caused by SEOUL VIRUS and transmitted by the rodents Rattus rattus and R. norvegicus, and the PUUMALA VIRUS with transmission by Clethrionomys galreolus.