HIV Long Terminal Repeat



HIV Negative Regulatory Element

HIV Sp1 Binding Site

HIV Sp1-Binding Site

HIV Sp1-Binding Sites

HIV TAR Element

HIV TAR Elements

HIV Trans Acting Responsive Region

HIV Trans-Acting Responsive Region


Human Immunodeficiency Virus LTR

Human Immunodeficiency Virus Long Terminal Repeat


LTR, Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Long Terminal Repeat, HIV

Negative Regulatory Element, HIV

Sp1 Binding Site, HIV

Sp1-Binding Site, HIV

Sp1-Binding Sites, HIV

TAR Element, HIV

TAR Elements, HIV

Trans Acting Responsive Region, HIV

Trans Activation Responsive Element, HIV

Trans Activation Responsive Region, HIV

Trans-Acting Responsive Region, HIV

Trans-Activation Responsive Element, HIV

Trans-Activation Responsive Region, HIV

Regulatory sequences important for viral replication that are located on each end of the HIV genome. The LTR includes the HIV ENHANCER, promoter, and other sequences. Specific regions in the LTR include the negative regulatory element (NRE), NF-kappa B binding sites , Sp1 binding sites, TATA BOX, and trans-acting responsive element (TAR). The binding of both cellular and viral proteins to these regions regulates HIV transcription.