HMG-Box Domains


Domain, HMG-1-Box

Domain, HMG-Box

Domains, HMG-1-Box

Domains, HMG-Box

HMG 1 Box Domain

HMG Box Domain

HMG Box Domains

HMG-1-Box Domain

HMG-1-Box Domains

HMG-Box Domain

High Mobility Group Box Domains

High Mobility Group-Box Domains

DNA-binding domains present in proteins of the HMG-box superfamily including the archetypal HMGB PROTEINS, a number of sequence specific TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS, and other DNA-BINDING PROTEINS. The domains consist of 70-80 amino acids that form an L-shaped fold from three alpha-helical segments. The domain has the capacity to recognize and/or induce specific DNA structures and effect the accessibility of the DNA to other proteins involved in transcription, recombination, or DNA repair. (Note that not all HIGH MOBILITY GROUP PROTEINS contain this domain.)