Horner Syndrome


Acquired Horner Syndrome

Bernard Syndrome

Bernard Syndromes

Bernard's Syndrome

Bernards Syndrome

Central Horner Syndrome

Claude Bernard Horner Syndrome

Claude Bernard-Horner Syndrome

Horner Syndrome, Acquired

Horner Syndrome, Central

Horner Syndrome, Pupil

Horner's Syndrome

Horner's Syndrome, Pupil

Horners Syndrome

Horners Syndrome, Pupil

Miosis, Innervational Defect

Ocular Ophthalmoplegia, Sympathetic

Ocular Ophthalmoplegias, Sympathetic

Ocular-Ophthalmoplegia, Sympathetic

Ocular-Ophthalmoplegias, Sympathetic

Oculosympathetic Syndrome

Oculosympathetic Syndromes

Ophthalmoplegia, Sympathetic Ocular

Ophthalmoplegias, Sympathetic Ocular

Ptosis Sympathetic

Pupil Horner's Syndrome

Sympathetic Ocular Ophthalmoplegia

Sympathetic Ocular Ophthalmoplegias

Sympathetic Ocular-Ophthalmoplegia

Sympathetic Ocular-Ophthalmoplegias

Syndrome, Acquired Horner

Syndrome, Bernard

Syndrome, Bernard's

Syndrome, Central Horner

Syndrome, Claude Bernard-Horner

Syndrome, Horner

Syndrome, Horner's

Syndrome, Oculosympathetic

Syndrome, Pupil Horner's

Syndromes, Bernard

Syndromes, Oculosympathetic

A syndrome associated with defective sympathetic innervation to one side of the face, including the eye. Clinical features include MIOSIS; mild BLEPHAROPTOSIS; and hemifacial ANHIDROSIS (decreased sweating)(see HYPOHIDROSIS). Lesions of the BRAIN STEM; cervical SPINAL CORD; first thoracic nerve root; apex of the LUNG; CAROTID ARTERY; CAVERNOUS SINUS; and apex of the ORBIT may cause this condition. (From Miller et al., Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology, 4th ed, pp500-11)