Hutchinson's Melanotic Freckle


Freckle, Hutchinson's Melanotic

Freckle, Melanotic

Freckles, Melanotic

Hutchinson Melanotic Freckle

Hutchinsons Melanotic Freckle

Lentigo Maligna

Lentigo, Malignant

Lentigos, Malignant

Malignant Lentigo

Malignant Lentigos

Melanotic Freckle

Melanotic Freckle, Hutchinson's

Melanotic Freckles

A cellular subtype of malignant melanoma. It is a pigmented lesion composed of melanocytes occurring on sun-exposed skin, usually the face and neck. The melanocytes are commonly multinucleated with a "starburst" appearance. It is considered by many to be the in situ phase of lentigo maligna melanoma.