Hypothalamic Area, Lateral


Accessory Nucleus of the Ventral Horn

Area Hypothalamica Laterali

Area Hypothalamica Lateralis

Area Lateralis Hypothalami

Area Lateralis Hypothalamus

Area, Lateral Hypothalamic

Areas, Lateral Hypothalamic

Hypothalami, Area Lateralis

Hypothalamic Areas, Lateral

Hypothalamic Nucleus, Lateral

Hypothalamica Laterali, Area

Hypothalamica Lateralis, Area

Hypothalamus, Area Lateralis

Hypothalamus, Lateral

Lateral Hypothalamic Area

Lateral Hypothalamic Areas

Lateral Hypothalamic Nucleus

Lateral Hypothalamus

Lateral Tuberal Nuclei

Lateral Tuberal Nucleus

Laterali, Area Hypothalamica

Lateralis Hypothalami, Area

Lateralis Hypothalamus, Area

Lateralis, Area Hypothalamica

Nuclei, Lateral Tuberal

Nucleus, Lateral Hypothalamic

Nucleus, Lateral Tuberal

Nucleus, Tuberomammillary

Tuberal Nuclei, Lateral

Tuberal Nucleus, Lateral

Tuberomammillary Nucleus

Area in the hypothalamus bounded medially by the mammillothalamic tract and the anterior column of the FORNIX (BRAIN). The medial edge of the INTERNAL CAPSULE and the subthalamic region form its lateral boundary. It contains the lateral hypothalamic nucleus, tuberomammillary nucleus, lateral tuberal nuclei, and fibers of the MEDIAL FOREBRAIN BUNDLE.