Immunomagnetic Separation


Bead Technique, Immunomagnetic

Bead Techniques, Immunomagnetic

Cell Separation, Immunomagnetic

Cell Separations, Immunomagnetic

Immunomagnetic Bead Technique

Immunomagnetic Bead Techniques

Immunomagnetic Cell Separation

Immunomagnetic Cell Separations

Immunomagnetic Purging

Immunomagnetic Purgings

Immunomagnetic Separations

Purging, Immunomagnetic

Purgings, Immunomagnetic

Separation, Immunomagnetic

Separation, Immunomagnetic Cell

Separations, Immunomagnetic

Separations, Immunomagnetic Cell

A cell-separation technique where magnetizable microspheres or beads are first coated with monoclonal antibody, allowed to search and bind to target cells, and are then selectively removed when passed through a magnetic field. Among other applications, the technique is commonly used to remove tumor cells from the marrow (BONE MARROW PURGING) of patients who are to undergo autologous bone marrow transplantation.