Inactivation, Metabolic


Detoxication, Drug Metabolic

Detoxication, Drug, Metabolic

Detoxication, Metabolic Drug

Detoxification, Drug Metabolic

Detoxification, Drug, Metabolic

Drug Detoxication, Metabolic

Drug Inactivation, Metabolic

Drug Metabolic Detoxication

Drug Metabolic Detoxification

Inactivation, Metabolic Drug

Metabolic Detoxication, Drug

Metabolic Detoxification, Drug

Metabolic Drug Detoxication

Metabolic Drug Inactivation

Metabolic Inactivation

Reduction of pharmacologic activity or toxicity of a drug or other foreign substance by a living system, usually by enzymatic action. It includes those metabolic transformations that make the substance more soluble for faster renal excretion.