Integrin alpha3beta1



Epiligrin Receptor

Epiligrin Receptor, alpha3beta1

Galactoprotein b3

Gap b3

Integrin alpha(3)beta(1)

Integrin, alpha3beta1

Laminin-5 Receptor (alpha3beta1 integrin)

Receptor, Epiligrin

Receptor, alpha3beta1 Epiligrin


alpha3beta1 Epiligrin Receptor

alpha3beta1 Integrin

alpha3beta1, Integrin

Cell surface receptor for LAMININ, epiligrin, FIBRONECTINS, entactin, and COLLAGEN. Integrin alpha3beta1 is the major integrin present in EPITHELIAL CELLS, where it plays a role in the assembly of BASEMENT MEMBRANE as well as in cell migration, and may regulate the functions of other integrins. Two alternatively spliced isoforms of the alpha subunit (INTEGRIN ALPHA3), are differentially expressed in different cell types.