Integrin alpha5


Antigen, CD49e

Antigens, CD49e

CD49e Antigen

CD49e Antigens

Chain, VLA-5 alpha

Glycoprotein Ic, Platelet

Ic, Platelet Glycoprotein

Integrin alphaF

Integrin, alpha5

Platelet Glycoprotein Ic

VLA 5 alpha Chain

VLA-5 alpha Chain

alpha Chain, VLA-5

alpha(5) Integrin

alpha5 Integrin

alpha5, Integrin

alphaF, Integrin

This integrin alpha subunit combines with INTEGRIN BETA1 to form a receptor (INTEGRIN ALPHA5BETA1) that binds FIBRONECTIN and LAMININ. It undergoes posttranslational cleavage into a heavy and a light chain that are connected by disulfide bonds.