Integrin alpha6beta4


A9 Antigen

Antigen, A9

Integrin alpha(6),beta(4)

Integrin, alpha6 beta4

Laminin-5 Receptor (alpha6beta4 Integrin)


Tumor Specific Protein 180 Complex

Tumor Specific Protein-180 Complex

alpha(6)beta(4) Epithelial Integrin

alpha(6)beta(4) Integrin

alpha6 beta4 Integrin

alpha6beta4, Integrin

beta4 Integrin, alpha6

This intrgrin is a key component of HEMIDESMOSOMES and is required for their formation and maintenance in epithelial cells. Integrin alpha6beta4 is also found on thymocytes, fibroblasts, and Schwann cells, where it functions as a laminin receptor (RECEPTORS, LAMININ) and is involved in wound healing, cell migration, and tumor invasiveness.