Interferon-Induced Helicase, IFIH1


Autoantigen, CADM-140

CADM 140 Autoantigen

CADM-140 Autoantigen


Helicase, IFIH1 Interferon-Induced

IFIH1 Interferon-Induced Helicase

IFIH1 Protein

Interferon Induced Helicase C Domain Containing Protein 1

Interferon Induced Helicase, IFIH1

Interferon Induced with Helicase C Domain 1

Interferon-Induced Helicase C Domain-Containing Protein 1

Melanoma Differentiation Associated Protein 5

Melanoma Differentiation-Associated Protein 5

A DEAD box RNA helicase that contains two N-terminal CASPASE ACTIVATION AND RECRUITMENT DOMAINS. It functions as a sensor of viral NUCLEIC ACIDS such as DOUBLE-STRANDED RNA and activates the INNATE IMMUNE RESPONSE by inducing the expression of INTERFERON-ALPHA and INTERFERON-BETA. It may also regulate cell growth and APOPTOSIS.