Interferon Regulatory Factor-1


Factor, IRF-1 Transcription

Factor, ISGF1 Transcription

IREBF1 Protein

IREBF1 Transcription Factor

IRF 1 Protein

IRF 1 Transcription Factor

IRF-1 Protein

IRF-1 Transcription Factor

ISGF1 Transcription Factor

Interferon Regulatory Factor 1

Interferon Stimulated Gene Factor 1

Interferon-Stimulated Gene Factor 1

MyD32 Protein

Transcription Factor, IREBF1

Transcription Factor, IRF-1

Transcription Factor, ISGF1

An interferon regulatory factor that binds upstream TRANSCRIPTIONAL REGULATORY ELEMENTS in the GENES for INTERFERON-ALPHA and INTERFERON-BETA. It functions as a transcriptional activator for the INTERFERON TYPE I genes.