Burst Promoting Factor, Erythrocyte

Burst-Promoting Factor, Erythrocyte

Colony Stimulating Factor, Mast Cell

Colony Stimulating Factor, Multipotential

Colony-Stimulating Factor 2 Alpha

Colony-Stimulating Factor, Mast-Cell

Colony-Stimulating Factor, Multipotential

Eosinophil Mast Cell Growth Factor

Eosinophil-Mast Cell Growth-Factor

Erythrocyte Burst Promoting Factor

Erythrocyte Burst-Promoting Factor

Hematopoietin 2



Interleukin 3

Mast-Cell Colony-Stimulating Factor

Multipotential Colony Stimulating Factor

Multipotential Colony-Stimulating Factor

P Cell Stimulating Factor

P-Cell Stimulating Factor

A multilineage cell growth factor secreted by LYMPHOCYTES; EPITHELIAL CELLS; and ASTROCYTES which stimulates clonal proliferation and differentiation of various types of blood and tissue cells.