Keratins, Hair-Specific


Cytokeratins, Hair-Specific

Cytokeratins, Trichocyte

Cytokeratins, Trichocyte-Type

Hair Keratins

Hair Specific Cytokeratins

Hair-Specific Cytokeratins

Hair-Specific Keratins

Hard Tissue Keratins

Inner Root Sheath Keratins

Keratins, Hair

Keratins, Hair Specific

Keratins, Hard Tissue

Keratins, Inner Root Sheath

Tissue Keratins, Hard

Trichocyte Cytokeratins

Trichocyte Type Cytokeratins

Trichocyte-Type Cytokeratins

Keratins that are specific for hard tissues such as HAIR; NAILS; and the filiform papillae of the TONGUE.