Ku Autoantigen


Antigen, G22P1

Antigen, Ku

Antigen, Ku70

Antigen, Ku80

Autoantigen, Ku

G22P1 Antigen

Heterodimer, Ku

Ku Antigen

Ku Autoantigen, 70 kDa

Ku Autoantigen, 80 kDa

Ku Heterodimer

Ku Protein

Ku70 Antigen

Ku80 Antigen

X ray Repair Cross Complementing Protein 5

X ray Repair Cross Complementing Protein 6

X-ray Repair Cross-Complementing Protein 5

X-ray Repair Cross-Complementing Protein 6

XRCC5 Protein

XRCC6 Protein

An ATP-dependent DNA HELICASE that preferentially binds SINGLE-STRANDED DNA. It is a heterodimer consisting of an 80 kDa subunit (XRCC5) and 70 kDa subunit (XRCC6) that functions with DNA LIGASE IV in the repair of DOUBLE-STRANDED DNA BREAKS and V(D)J RECOMBINATION.